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You get paid for your work – this is the universally accepted norm. But some of the companies seem to have a different opinion altogether. They often hire other companies, and when these companies finish their job the client companies do not pay them at all. – yeah, believe it or not such companies do exist, and some of them are pretty well-known in their respective industries. Don’t believe it? Well, you need to read this:

There are a few companies that opt for outsourcing and hire a number of offshore call centers to do their job, and when they deliver the work these companies just don’t pay them. In some cases, it is due to some issues on behalf of the call centre, but in most cases these are done intentionally with a motive to cheat the call center by not paying their hard earned money.

In case you are wondering such unethical practice is not exercised by reputed companies in the US or the UK, you seriously need to wake up and see. Some of the well known companies in these countries are also involved in such practices.

Have a quick look at the latest example - Phruit Limited, one of the leading names in telemarketing and lead generation industry in the United Kingdom. The company has cheated a number of call centre companies in India and the Philippines by not paying them the remuneration of their work. Phruit hires most of these call centres for their lead generation and telemarketing operations. And after they have delivered results, Phruit has simply turned a deaf ear towards their request for payment.

Of course, a company as well known as Phruit is not expected to get involved in such malpractices. As a matter of fact, such big companies often have a reputation for having a transparent operating procedure. But, it is due to some unethical and fraudulent companies like Phruit; similar companies often earn a bad name.

Now, dispute regarding payment is no new thing in the call center industry. Many small companies and consultants often don’t pay the call center they hire intentionally in order to cheat a few call centers. But a company of such reputation as Phruit has never committed such intentional non-payment on a series before.

And please note that, this is not just one singular incident where the company did not pay the call center owing to a bad performance or due to the unavailability of a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Almost every Indian and Filippino call centers whom they have worked with have complained about at least one case of non-payment by the company even if everything is in place.

If you look deep into the matter, you will find that quite a few reputed Indian and Filippino call centers have the same complaint against Phruit – that of intentional non-payment in order to cheat the BPOs. Some have even gone to the extent of seeking legal advice. However, Phruit is yet to respond to any of their communications, legal or otherwise.

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Bradford, England, United Kingdom #743887

It's not just Indian or Filipino call centres, UK ones too have been given illegal phone number lists from Pruit, or as they were called to me FRU.

Atrium ... Services apologised to me for calling and not realising that they had purchased my number, amongst many others, as an OK number to call.

I am a TPS member, I complained to them and I.C.O. and got a phone call apology.

Will people wake up and stop using Pruit? Probably not as greed is a factor for this.

London, England, United Kingdom #694371

Phruit, Now known as Communication Avenue, same people, same tricks, same non compliance - beware

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